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La Vie en Rose -
REF - 1103

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     Sleeps: 3 persons      Number of bedrooms: 1     
Reservation and further info request
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This may well be the most fantastic “apartment “
rental in Paris -- a home on a 90‘ luxury vessel
docked opposite Ile Saint Louis and Notre Dame!

Enjoy 20’ living room, full kitchen, study,
marble bath, seductive bedroom, all with
great views, plus a private patio and huge
sun drenched terrace. Very handsomely finished
and furnished, with all the comforts of home --
even cable TV/internet access, this peniche is
outfitted to avoid the worries of smaller boats,
and offers unbelievable cachet, all for the
price of a moderate hotel! Ideal for a couple,
possible for three, minimum age of all guests
is 16 years. Completely non-smoking.
NotesDuring periods when the entire boat is not for rent, we offer two other options: Luxurious, full-amenity hosted stays (3-day minimum) for $650/day including mini-bar, champagned, etc., in a guest suite that DOES NOT include the above 20' living room/kitchen. The guest suite may also be rented with no services for $2,000/week WITHOUT livingroom/kitchen. This option still offers the convenience of a mini-fridge and coffee maker.
ContactAddress: the quai de la Tournelle, St. Germain.
Reservation PolicySorry, no more than three persons can be
accommodated, all guests must be at least 16,
and the boat is completely nonsmoking.

Minimum charge for unhosted stays is 1 week.
Minimum hosted stays length is 3 days.
Cancellation PolicyComplicated and varies with type of stay, Check
when booking. In general refunds/rescheduling is
possible without penalty with 90 days notice and with
modest penalties with 90-45 days. After that it gets
expensive unless you select our cancellation deal.